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A brief description of the relevant safety rules hoisting platform hoist
Jan 03, 2018

Furthermore, the hanging platform hoist in the application of time, that is, should pay attention to should be empty load for driving. In view of this, before each shutdown, that is,we should pay attention to the material should be drained all the hopper, then stop again.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to it. Before lifting the platform hoist or lifting the platform hoist, pay attention to the warning bell before it can drive. Then, in fact, we must pay attention to the lifting machine on the right not allowed to have manned, under. After the work is completed, hoist hoist should be to keep landing, and then cut off the power, shut down its upper and lower fence doors. Immediately after that, care should also be taken to maintain the environmental hygiene of the hoist.


Suspension platform hoist movements that will appear to be more sensitive and reliable, but also for test hanging. Next, as far as the hoist is concerned, it should be noted that there should be a maximum load sign, when carrying out ascension or landing, its weight should not to be overloaded. After power transmission, check the winch limiter or trip limiter and interlock switches and other related safety devices.


Brief introduction of Safe Operations of platform hoist:

Suspension platform hoist should be to be designated by the relevant personnel to carry out maintenance and management,the power switch box keys have to be designated by the management staff. Suspension platform hoist must have a hoist limiter and overload protective device, it should make the pulley in the promotion to the distance from the reel or pulley less than 300mm that can be automatically stopped.

Hanging platform hoist in the use of the time, that is, be careful not to reverse. Inverted, that is, it will be more prone to derailment of the chain, and its time in the exclusion of derailment that would seem more troublesome.

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