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A brief introduction to the maintenance coating of the construction hanging basket
Oct 27, 2017

"Overview" in previous articles, in fact, the construction of the hanging basket is widely used in curtain wall installation, insulation and maintenance of the external walls of the cleaning of high-rise building ,the external wall construction, and other high-altitude work which has been very widely recognized, and, in the actual application of the construction hanging basket, We will actually find it to a certain extent that it will be divided into manual and electric two kinds.


When it comes to the use of the maintenance coating knowledge, in fact, it is facing the problem of how to make the electric hanging basket use longer. First of all, we should actually pay attention to the appearance of rust on the maintenance, the selection of its paint and the pros and cons we will simply introduce it.

suspended platform029.jpg

The first introduction is the use of ordinary paint on the construction of the hanging basket, although it is more beautiful in appearance, the price is very low, but it is in practice when the use of the color is easy to push or peeling phenomenon. Next is the antirust paint, which is actually a recommended species, on the price of antirust paint is relatively low, and, on its own will be directly the effect of rust, the price and ordinary paint are slightly higher than the limited which is a good choice.


Next, for the maintenance paint on the construction hanging basket, in fact, we will use electrostatic spraying way, in this way, we do not recommend the use, this is because electrostatic spraying in the price is relatively high, and because the electric hanging basket is bad environment operation, it is not suitable to use electrostatic spraying.


Finally, the maintenance of the hanging basket coating will include the cold galvanized, the product itself is not recommended for use, cold galvanized and antirust paint costs are roughly the same, but in terms of its anti-rust effect, we are actually to pay attention to it is not as antirust paint. Because of this, it is not recommended for use.


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