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A brief introduction to the safety requirements of the cantilever construction platform
Mar 27, 2018

The cantilever type construction platform has a very large operating area, at the same time, it will have a relatively large carrying capacity and turnaround use and other related characteristics. The design of cantilevered building construction platform should conform to the corresponding design code. The hanger point and the upper end hanging point must also be located on the reliable building structure, and can not be placed on any construction facilities such as scaffolding.

On the side of the cantilever construction platform, the protective railings should be set up, and the limit load sign should be suspended in a significant position, and it can not be used more than the design allowable load. The platform should pay attention to the structural design according to the corresponding specifications, and its structure should effectively prevent the phenomenon of left and right sway.

The four corners of cantilevered construction platform should use 4 rings made of class A, 3 boiling steel, so that when it is used for lifting steel platform, we should use the clasp when lifting the platform, and do not use hooks to hook and hang directly. When installing the steel platform, should adopt special hook the rope to hang up, have to be used when ordinary wire rope card, each rope can not less than 3 clips, after installing the steel platform outside the mouth should also be slightly higher than in the mouth on both sides of the steel platform should also be equipped with protective railing and safety net fixed.

A cantilever construction platform should also be inspected before and after the use of the construction platform. It should be repaired or replaced in time to find corrosion or broken wire or weld seam when it appears on the wire rope, so as to avoid equipment failure.

Cantilevered construction platform construction in foreign countries has been regarded as a relatively mature construction technology, and the cantilever construction platform architecture is widely used in the decoration construction of different heights, in our country, with the continuous increase of labor cost and the environment for the construction of the higher requirements, the construction technology is more and more in engineering application.

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