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A series of reliable design details of the window cleaning work platform
Dec 27, 2017

After economic development, construction building is also getting higher and higher. The windows cleaning of high-rise buildings must rely on a special window cleaning work platform. In order to ensure the convenience and safety, the requirements for the window cleaning work platform are also getting more and more.


Since the window cleaning work platform is the primary factor in finishing high-altitude operations, its components must be installed securely in order to receive high-intensity workloads. Window cleaning work platform is a specially designed and dedicated equipment, it can be achieved both for outdoor operation, but also for indoor operation, but in most cases the window cleaning work platform are in outdoor operation.


In order to ensure the safety of window cleaning work platform operation, the welding part of its lifting platform must be controlled within 8mm, but also to achieve a perfect grinding; also for the window cleaning work platform installation lighting, so you can ensure that equipment can be work at night. and lighting here does not exceed 36V, it will not increase the risk of window cleaning platform.  


In addition, as a window cleaning platform drive, the motor housing has been grounded to prevent the occurrence of electric shock; it also has perfect protective equipment, winch and pulley equipment must to be done with comprehensive inspection before protective equipment to be installed, 100% make sure each spare part to be carefully inspected.  


Thanks to these reliable design and protection, the window cleaning work platform must be able to play an important role in aerial work better, providing more convenience and security for the cleaning of high-rise building windows.

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