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Accessories are an important part of the electric hanging basket
Nov 15, 2017

Hanging basket accessories are matched with electric hanging basket , when it comes to the function of the two, first of all, there are many kinds of  accessories, each part has its own function, do not to reduce any parts of these accessories, which played seperate role  in the actual work.

Connection of hanging Basket Accessories and safety rope and hanging basket frame body: because the rope is used in diameter not less than φ 13 mm wire rope long in the end of the layout. And in terms of its approach, that is, the use of wire rope to the bottom of the electric hanging basket and the safety of the rope card once every card will be left with a little less than one meter of take-off and landing, if the hanging basket is from the load-bearing wire rope or the steel wire chain, the safety rope will play a key role in suspending the electric hanging basket.

However, the methods mentioned above itself will be a little trouble, in every take-off and landing a meter, that is, will be card once the insurance rope, but once it was found the phenomenon of shedding, the safety of the rope before the function is about a free fall impact of about a meter.

Furthermore, when it comes to hanging basket accessories, in the case of the hanging basket, if the bar is used as a load-bearing rod, we  to need to first pay attention that the safety rope and the bar chain rod on the fixed roof pick beam. We have to note that the inverted chain hanging in the bar chain Rod on the lower part of the chain hanging the electric hanging basket,  that is, will use the inverted chain for Take-off and landing.

Finally, in the case of the safety rope in the hanging basket accessory and its reverse chain in the actual use, because it is very limited in the course of the reverse chain, in the process of ascending and descending, pay attention to the need to manually lift the reverse chain, The common is that will include the phenomenon of relay movements.

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