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Advantages of electric construction platform application.
May 04, 2018

As large-scale high-rising climbing and descending work platform, electric construction platform is widely used in construction area. Comparing traditional scaffold, we can free from troubles like excessive building material consumption; frame construction time-consuming; scaffold operation work in limited height; installation material hardly transmit and low-grade safety during labour worked. 

In replacement of steel,bamboo and wooden material scaffold, electric construction platform is  extremely fit for high-rise decoration.It will help you get rid of weakness like operation structure instability;limited structure length and hidden danger accompany the rising construction height.

Besides above good aspect, the popular usage of electric construction platform also due to its simple handling process which working on a whole platform.Suspension mechanism installed on top of the building bearing platform’s lift and down will lead to higher stability, construction material saving and danger reducing.

For construction workers’ freely equipment operation distance, electric construction platform control box is in the middle lever of whole cubic platform space. Labour work in the cozy zone indirectly contributes to both higher efficiency running and labour intensity reducing.

In 2009, electric construction platform achieved official certification of science and technology offered by Ministry of Construction. It marked that electric construction platform been stepped into widely application domestically. Now days, global usage of electric construction platform is inevitably becoming a tendency.

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