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Advantages of guardrail clamps,Quality control of guardrails and general characteristics of them.
Jan 20, 2018

The guardrail clamps produced in our factory are mainly imported raw materials, and the international standards are used for casting and processing.In this way, the standard degree of the guardrail clamps is greatly improved, the production time of the guardrail clamps is shortened, and the price competitiveness of the guardrail clamps is improved.And, as far as our manufacturer produces the guardrail clamp parts, there will be a great convenience in the after-sale service.

Next, when it comes to the control of the construction quality of the guardrails, our guardrails will clean and brush the mold release agent before the template is installed in order to ensure the quality. The release agent will be evenly coated.For the guardrails reinforcement and welding, it will meet the requirements of design and specification, especially for the location of reinforcing steel bars, we will pay special attention when designing.

In order to control and ensure the construction quality of the guardrail, the side and top faces of the formwork will be checked after the guardrail template is installed, and the side faces and the top faces of the formwork will be kept straight.Through strict measurements, making the surface of the concrete guardrail honeycomb area does not exceed 0.5% of the surface area, depth is not more than 10mm.

Guardrail surface, including the juncture of guardrail clip, including the juncture of guardrail, when we design and process, we will notice that it will not break. For the problems of staggering, flatness and the corresponding appearance quality, it will be processed and solved in a timely and effective way, so that the color of the guardrail and guardrail clamps and their joints is the same. The top is very smooth and beautiful, and the height is the same.

Finally, the overall characteristics of guardrail and guardrail clip, fence for speaking, the simple grid structure for comparison, is also a variety of guardrail clip, with beautiful and practical characteristics; and the clamping guardrail guardrail when more convenient transportation, installation is not subject to restrictions on the terrain, especially suitable for mountain, slope, bending zone and installation; and the guardrail clip in quality is good and the price is also very surprised.

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