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Brief introduction to the window clean hanging basket scaffold safety guarantee measure
Dec 01, 2017

The erection of the window cleaning basket is certain to comply with the design rules of the Special Safety Construction organization, assembly or in the demolition of the time should be aware of three people should cooperate with the operation, strict in accordance with its erection procedures to carry out the operation, no one is allowed to change the program, Windows cleaning basket load can not exceed 360kg.

Next, we are actually to pay attention to the window clean hanging basket above the workers and materials are supposed to be symmetrical distribution, can not focus on the end,pay attention to maintain the load balance on the basket.

Lifting window Cleaning hanging basket should be in application with more than 3T special supporting wire rope; in terms of the diameter of its load-bearing wire rope, it is necessary to note that it can not be less than 12.5mm. The window cleaning hanging basket ends should be to pay attention to the establishment of insurance rope, diameter and load-bearing wire rope is the same, on its rope cards, that is to note that not less than 3, strictly prohibit the use of joint wire rope.

The connection of the load-bearing wire rope and the pick frame must be strong, and it should be paid attention to the protective measures against the wire rope. Regarding the location of the window cleaning basket and its associated installation location, that is to note that it should be based on the actual situation of the building to determine, pick out the part of the beam and hanging basket hanging rope also must pay attention to keep vertical, the installation of the beam when the beam will be able to explore the building at one end slightly higher than the other end, The beam on both ends of the building also applies steel pipe connections firmly into the whole.

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