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Construction elevator's anti-loose trick
Jan 06, 2019

The building lift is light, simple and reliable, and the mechanical equipment that is easy to operate has quickly gained the love of the majority of users. What needs to be mastered is the anti-loose technique of the building elevator. The first is the friction and anti-loose. The anti-loose spring washer is spring steel. After the assembly, the washer is flattened. The rebounding ability can maintain the pressing force and friction between the threads to prevent loose.


Or the nut supports the non-circular cuff at one end or the radial cuff after the slit; when the nut is tightened, the cuff expands, and the elastic force of the cuff is used to compress the screwing thread; the anti-loose structure is simple and reliable, multiple times Disassembly and assembly does not reduce the anti-loose performance.


After the slot nut of the building lifter is tightened, use the split pin to pass through the slot at the end of the bolt and the slot of the nut. Alternatively, the pin hole can be drilled with a common nut; the inner tongue of the washer is inserted into the bolt slot, and the nut is tightened. One of the outer tongues of the washer is embossed in a groove of the nut; after the retaining washer nut is tightened, the single ear or the double-eared retaining washer is respectively bent toward the side of the nut and the connected member to achieve

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