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Construction safety of the access suspended platform
Dec 04, 2018

In order to ensure the construction safety of the access suspended platform, its ultra-high limit, travel limit baffle and safety lock must be complete and effective, and all performances meet the requirements. High-level workers must wear safety equipment correctly as required; those with high-level operation contraindications are strictly prohibited from working in high places. When the gust exceeds six levels, heavy rain, heavy fog and other bad weather, it is strictly forbidden to lift the basket.


The safety lock of the access suspended platform must be tested before installation, and the safety lock must be complete, effective and sensitive; the diameter of the wire rope, the number of ropes, the spacing and the direction are strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements in the instruction manual. The wire rope of the gondola is used as the grounding wire of the electric welder.


To enhance the safety education for the operators of the access suspended platform and enhance the self-protection awareness of the workers, they must be qualified after the training, and the access suspended platform must be carefully operated by the special personnel in accordance with the operating procedures. After the equipment is installed, it must be thoroughly inspected and tested before it is confirmed to be ready for delivery.


Check the installation of the access suspended platform roofing mechanism, it should be well matched, the anchoring is reliable; the length of the cantilever and the connection method are correct; the wire rope is free from kinks, crushing and loose; the wear and broken wires are not overrun, the suspension, the rope winding method and the hanging weight are both correct; the safety protection device of the anti-drop and external rotating mechanism is complete and reliable; the motor has no abnormal noise, overheating, normal starting, reliable braking and so



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