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Determination of the stability of electric hanging basket
Sep 25, 2017

Everyone knows that the electric hanging basket is a kind of high-altitude work equipment, the price of the electric hoisting basket, determines its better stability. Aerial work by one of the most important link is to ensure the safety of construction personnel, so that stability is we must ensure that, such ability can ensure workers are in the security environment, ease operation without scruple. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the stability of the electric sling.
Electric basket a key, lift positioning stability considerations, the improvement of electric basket machine is very important in the process of lifting control system, when the elevator to the bearing must be built after the necessary recognition and fixing and prison can be stepped behind the operation, and the hanging basket to build level interval should not be greater than 20 cm. If the lifting basket is shaking, the fixed method should be adopted in time. The staff must not continue to work in the shaking. It is necessary to raise the wire rope to keep straight with the ground.
The electric control box has the key two and the electric control box, and the electric control box has the maintenance methods of missing phase, leakage, active limit and emergency braking. If the construction of the lifting basket needs to be moved laterally, it should put the basket on the ground, relax the hoisting of the rope, change the roof suspension and raise the hoisting basket.
Key three electric basket stability considerations, safety lock, safety lock high reliability, the hoisting rope break line or hanging basket skewed cases within 8 °, safety lock can be sensitive and reliable maintenance effect.
Therefore, the safety operation is more guaranteed when considering the stability of electric lifting basket.

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