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Electric wire rope suspension platform introduction and installation guidelines !
Apr 28, 2018

What’s Electric steel rope suspension platform ?

Electric steel rope suspension platform is assembly mechanism. It consists of front beam, rear beam,base plate,mounting structure and other spare parts. Each part connecting via rigging screws. The standard length of each platform is 2 ~ 2.5 meters. The base plate of suspended platform is well welded with steel or aluminum material. Anti-skid crinkles well design on the plate surface ! Mounting structure is welded with high quality steel tube and caster wheel is available on the bottom part for easy dis-assembly and movement !

The welded material of front and rear beam is steel or aluminium tube. Front beam height is 970mm which install on the operation location of the job site. Rear beam height is 1120mm.

The installation of electric steel rope suspended platform must select flat ground surface. First block up the suspended platform base plate horizontally at least 200mm; Put each joint of basic sections in order; Then mounting the base plates, ensure the lower platform plate on the side of operation zone. Well connect them with bolts, fasten each part until the whole platform structure keep in straight level. Now set up each hoist on per platform top end. Meanwhile ensure safety lock rack should face to the exterior platform. Total connected bolts need fasten again once complete the whole installation.

Conditions under electric steel rope suspended platform installation control .

Before electric steel rope suspended platform installation, we must measure building structure load capacity integrally ! Especially for the suspended platform installed on the top of building, process the verification of working load capacity repeatedly is must.


For parapet wall, its basic support structure load calculation also need be confirmed well in advance.

According to construction documents like suspended platform installation test standard, hidden construction work acceptable quality level and concrete intensity requirement: the installation must reach the requirements like suspended platform load lower than house load,  built-in fittings and anchor parts are in line with construction specific assembly and dis-assembly regulations.

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