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Electrical Control System of Hanging Scaffolding
Jun 06, 2018

Electrical system consists of control box, electromagnetic braking electric motor, upper limit switch and manual switch(Refer to attached figure 3: schematic drawing of electrical system connection).


1.Power Supply

It adopts a three-phrase five-wire grounding power. Insert 2.5m㎡ five-core cable into power socket Q1 to enter the jack box, and put through power by three-phrase creepage open circuit X1, X2, X3 are three-phrase power wires, N is a neutral conductor, and PE is safety grounding. (Refer to attached figure 4: schematic diagram of electrical continue). Please connect power supply based on the three-phrase five-wire system.


2 .Emergency braking and Overload Protection Circuit

     The power is transmitted through main contactor KM1 to electric motor control contactor KM2 and KM3 respectively, then through heat relays FR1, FR2 and connectors Q3, Q4 to the electric motor. Press the brake switch on the panel of the jack box in an emergency, when the main contactor KM1 and the electric motor will shut off, and the hoist will stop working to ensure safety. Heat circuit breaker can automatically cut off the electricity when the electric motor is overloaded due to overtension of the brake and etc. The two electric motors can work synchronously or solely which is controlled by the selector switch on the panel of the jack box(Pushing the selector switch to either side can make one of the two hoists work solely).

  famous brand  “Schneider”、 “CHNT”  contactor is applied in electric control box  


Electric motor Brake Circuit

  Brake of the electric motor is fixed in the fan hood. Brake power QS1 and QS2 can be transformed from 220V AC to 99V DC in the half wave rectification module by switch control; then emergency braking control can be achieved by the contactor. Rectification module of the brake is fixed in the jack box for easy repair.


Control Circuit

   Control circuit works at 36V low tension transformed by transformer T for safe and convenient operation, which can be performed either by the jack box or by the manual switch.


Upper/Lower Limit Alarm Circuit

 Upper limit stopper is set on the upper working area of the suspended platform. When the travel switch actuates the limit, the motors will stop operation and the alarm bell will ring.


Spare Power Supply

  Power supply for lighting or electric tool that is lower than 500W can be connected to the connecting terminal in the jack box for illumination. Other external electrical equipments should be connected fitly to the aviation socket provided by this factory. Refer to Figure 3. .


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