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Essential composition and main structure of electric window cleaning platform Introduction !
May 08, 2018

Electric window cleaning platform is mainly composed of steel frames,suspension mechanism, hoist and anti-falling device, etc. In the current market, regarding to lifting equipment applied in electric window cleaning platform,there are mainly three types: electric chain hoist, hydraulic lifting equipment and winding engine application. Taking replacement of original manual hoist chain and improving the construction efficiency in a great extent.



In process of climbing and descending, fittings of synchronous controller and overload alarm inside the electric window cleaning platform greatly avoid the hidden dangers in construction working.


For the joining technology of electric cleaning platform,unitized shape design welding obtained widely application among industry.

This type of weld largely intensify the structure rigid design for electric cleaning platform . Adding the bottom supporting racks, the whole electric window cleaning platform significantly provide our clients faster installation;more quickly transition; easier carriage and storage convenience, etc.


As to suspension mechanism part, select good stiffness steel for weld is priority. Increase cross section of steel beam will work out higher safety level. Through the wall, only high strength bolts can afford the connection between electric cleaning platform and building structure. Design of elliptical hole on the suspension mechanism and main platform beam is available for adjusting proper distance during high building cleaning. Don’t worry the operation of electric cleaning platform, our clients widely use it by its easy assembly and dis-assembly!


The part of anti-falling device is well designed on electric window cleaning platform. In the actual construction project, remind the labors set up anti-falling device on the electric window cleaning platform is essential prerequisite. At present,anti-falling device already meet the requirement of brake stop according to both mechanical braking principle and mechanical braking structure.

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