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How is the electrical system of the aluminum basket arranged?
Dec 14, 2018

How is the electrical system of the aluminum basket arranged?

The electrical system of the aluminum hanging basket is composed of a power source, a backup power source, an electrical box, an electromagnetic brake motor, an upper limit switch and a hand switch. The power supply adopts three-phase five-wire system, and the 2.5mm five-core cable is connected to the Ql power socket to enter the electrical box, and the power is turned on by the three-phase leakage circuit. X l, X2, and X3 are three-phase power lines, N is the working neutral line, and PE is the protective ground.


For the convenience of construction, the power of the low +500w lighting and power tools can be connected to the terminals in the electrical box. The connection of external electrical appliances is carried out by the aviation socket provided by the factory. The upper limit block is set in the upper limit of the working area of the working platform of the aluminum hanging basket, and the upper limit switch touches the upper limit block, and the motor stops running.


The motor brake of the aluminum basket is set in the motor hood. The brake power supply QSl, QS2 switch controls the 220V AC-power supply to the half-wave rectifier module for 99V DC power supply, and realizes fast brake control through the contactor. The brake rectifier module is installed in the electrical box for easy maintenance.


The power supply is sent to the motor through the thermal contact FR1.FR2 and the connectors Q3, Q4 via the total contactor KM1 and the motor control contactors KM2 and KM3, respectively. Abnormal situation occurred during work, press the brake switch on the panel of the electrical box, the total contactor KM1 loses power, the motor is de-energized, the hoist stops working, and the emergency brake is realized to ensure the safety of the aluminum basket.

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