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How to carry out the maintenance of steel wire rope in the spare part of hot dip galvanized electric hanging scaffolding.
Feb 05, 2018

Hot-dip galvanized electric hanging scaffolding is widely used in our lives,there are lot of accessories to be assembling together in the whole scaffolding system, for example, steel wire rope plays a key role,

So maintenance work of steel wire rope is a crucial action. In fact, when actually application, the maintenance of the hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope in the electric hanging scaffolding is often ignored by us.


Hot-dip galvanized electric hanging scaffolding as a high-altitude equipment which is used, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the steel wire rope. This steel wire rope used in Hot-dip galvanized electric hanging scaffolding should  to be oiled every four months,center core of rope shall to be impregnated with hot oil, and the extra grease have to be clear out.


Regarding to the steel wire rope of hot-dip galvanized electric hanging scaffolding, after rolling,be careful that you have to put it in a clean and dry place, and be careful not to overlap the stack, but should not be damp. It can be loaded with long-distance transmit,and it also owns a large bearing safety margin, so it will be very safe and reliable during application.


Besides the wire steel rope, other accessories in the hot-dip galvanized  electric hanging scaffolding should be paid more attention as well to avoid any problems which directly reduce the performance using and prevent any potential danger. For example, when we use the smaller spare parts of the fasteners installed in the electric hanging scaffolding , must be taken careful attention as well.


After reading the above professional knowledge of hot-dip galvanized  electric hanging scaffolding accessories, we will inevitably have a new understanding of this product, only let us truly recognize the role of electric hanging scaffolding accessories, can make the product better promotion and application, WUXI HANJIE owns high quality and better price electric hanging scaffoldings, welcome potential customers buy from us.

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