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How to clean the different parts of the window cleaning suspended platform?
Dec 06, 2018

As an advanced auxiliary construction technology, window cleaning suspended platform is accepted by more and more building exterior cleaning construction units and used in construction projects. Especially in recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, and the building structure is high-rise and super-high-rise, so that the window cleaning suspended platform are rapidly promoted.


Window cleaning suspended platform can help people better clean the windows of the building. How can they clean the parts when they use them? For example, it is necessary to check the surface of the wire rope frequently, clean up the attached dirt in time, and timely discover and eliminate the tendency of local defects.


Always check the window cleaning suspended platform attachments and fasteners and find that the looseness should be tightened in time. If there is a weld crack or component deformation, contact the technician for inspection. After the operation, it is necessary to clean the external dirt in time, pay attention to the maintenance of the outer paint layer, and the paint layer will fall off. It should be replenished in time to prevent corrosion.


Timely clear the windows to clean the hanging platform and the debris on the safety wire rope, pay attention to the protective measures of the safety lock to prevent debris from entering the lock, causing the safety lock to fail and fail. Prevent collision and safety lock during operation, and do protective work after operation to prevent rain, snow and other debris from entering the safety lock.


The electrical box of the window cleaning platform should be kept clean and free of debris, and tools or other materials should not be placed in the box. Prevent electrical boxes, limit switches and cables from being impacted by external forces. Always check the electrical connector for looseness and tighten if it is loose. After the operation is completed, the power is turned off in time, the electrical box door is locked, and the electrical box is properly


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