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How to deal with the emergency condition of special-shaped building hanging basket
Nov 16, 2017

No matter what the emergency happened, most people will be in panic and confused, for example, when special-shaped building hanging basket encountered an emergency situation, we actually can refer to the following contents to operate, in order to avoid other unnecessary trouble.

Facing the emergency situation of the special-shaped building hanging basket, in terms of the 1th, we should actuallypay attention be to making sure the safety wire rope winding at both ends of the special-shaped hanging basket mount, the next step, note that the rope should be used directly to fasten the safety wire rope at both ends. Next, note to loosen the two safety lock swinging wheel protection ring, take the work wire rope and wheel off, so as to make sure the ends of the security lock in locking status.

Following the above security measures, we need to note that we must take off the special-shaped construction hanging basket to check, the next words, note  to exit the case wire rope, if necessary, check the fault wire rope truncation and open profiled hanging basket box lid for related inspection, And be careful to take out the wire rope which is left in the special-shaped hanging basket.

At the same time, the corresponding position in the special-shaped construction hanging basket hanging mechanism should be replaced with new wire rope, meanwhile, putting down the wire rope in the special shaped hanging basket to tighten the wire rope. Next, noting to make sure the wire rope installing in the safety swing arm, installing a protective ring, to unlock the security lock.

Finally, the suspension platform should be stoped after raising about half a meter,  the rope buckle above the safety wire rope should be removed and put the safety wire rope to the overhanging position, then drop the suspension platform of the construction hanging basket down to the ground, for the special-shaped construction hanging basket, is allowed to use after a series of strict inspection and maintenance.

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