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Improvement and structural features of bridge maintenance suspended platform installation
Nov 28, 2018

Bridges are buildings that span bad geology or meet other needs. With the rapid development of bridge modernization, bridges, especially simple box beams, are increasing. After the completion of the bridge construction and normal operation, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the pier support at the top of the pier. Since the pier is generally high, there is no space for the maintenance personnel to stand on the pier, so it is necessary to install the bridge after the pier is completed to provide inspection and maintenance space.


When installing the bridge maintenance suspended platform for the bridge at the top of the pier, the construction workers must be provided with a erecting work platform. The existing scaffolding erecting work platform is generally used, which has a long operation time and high cost; or the construction of the automobile crane or the tower crane, the space of the bucket is small, and the operation is inconvenient. In addition, the work efficiency is reduced, and the bucket is easy to shake, and the safety factor is low.


To this end, the installation  of the bridge maintenance suspended platform is improved, which comprises a gate-shaped bracket arranged at the left and right intervals, which is welded by the support column and the sling beam; the sling ring is welded at the middle position of the sling beam, and the lower surface is spaced apart Positioning block; the lower end of the supporting column of the door-shaped bracket is provided with two rows of front and rear symmetrical triangular supports, each of which is welded with a horizontal walking plate; the lateral and longitudinal walking plates are surrounded by a surrounding.


Such a bridge maintenance suspended platform is not only simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and convenient to use. Moreover, when used, the work platform can be installed on the top of the pier by a car crane or a tower crane to install the hanging basket, thereby effectively avoiding the use of scaffolding or long-term occupation of the crane and saving costs. The round steel guardrail is connected with the angle steel guardrail by bolts, the round steel guardrail can be disassembled to facilitate the fixing and disassembly of the working platform; the supporting steel plate and the angle steel support at the bottom of the horizontal and vertical walking plates increase the stability and improve the safety factor; the bottom of the flat beam has a positioning function to prevent the working platform from sliding on the top of the pier to ensure further safe construction.


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