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In what way can the clearance of the lifting platform be reduced?
Aug 01, 2018

In the process of using the lifting platform, heat will be generated due to friction. After heat accumulation, oil seal and bearing will increase, resulting in displacement.Or because of the direct contact friction and extrusion at all parts of the lifting platform and the appearance of powder grinding materials, these powders will continue to react on the equipment, causing greater friction, thereby increasing and accelerating the generation of clearance.


Therefore, the reasonable maintenance of the lifting platform is essential. At the same time, the error compensation method can also be used to properly assemble the error of the parts to generate a certain degree of mutual offsetting phenomenon, so as to ensure the accuracy of the moving track of the lifting platform.


In order to reduce the gap between the lifting platform error compensation methods are displacement compensation and comprehensive compensation.Error compensation method for the first time should be measured on the spindle bearing positioning direction of end face and the perpendicularity error of the spindle center line and its location: to measure the thrust bearing of the end circular runout error and its highest position finally make bearing positioning end peak shift, in order to face round beating and thrust bearing of lowest together, can reduce the dynamic error of the axial channeling.


In mobile compensation way to narrow the lift platform gap , when worm lead Angle is less than the equivalent friction Angle between meshing teeth, the agency has self-locking, It can realize reverse self-locking, n111amely only by worm drive the worm gear, rather than by the worm gear drive the worm, such as in its mechanical self-locking worm used in institutions, can rise to its reverse self-locking security protection.


In order to avoid similar problems in the lifting platform, we should pay more attention to the running state of the equipment at ordinary times, and do a good job in the maintenance of the lifting platform, including heat dissipation, cleaning, lubrication and so on, so as to keep it in a good working state for operation.

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