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Inspection and testing of aerial work platform after installation and before operation
Nov 13, 2018

After the aerial work basket is installed, it is also necessary to carry out some inspections and tests in order to check if there is any problem, and then it can be used only after there is no problem. First of all, the installation of the low roofing structure should be checked, whether it is well matched, and whether the anchoring is reliable and the connection method is correct.


Then it is necessary to check the wire rope in the aerial work basket, whether there is kinking, crushing, wear or looseness, and whether the suspension and winding method are correct. Whether the safety protection device in the organization is complete, safe and reliable, whether the motor is abnormal or not, and whether the brake is reliable is also a key inspection item.


The test of the aerial work basket is generally carried out by static overload test and dynamic overload test, mainly to check whether the lift is normal, and whether the limit device is sensitive and reliable. Of course, before the work, the basket also needs to be checked. It mainly has roofing mechanism, hanging weight and wire rope complying with the specified requirements, whether the power supply voltage and mechanical equipment are normal, and whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable. If there is any problem, it should be timely. Process it. In addition, there is a good grounding treatment for the aerial work basket, and there is no debris in the basket. It is strictly forbidden to use it.

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