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Inspection of the construction platform before and after power-on
Nov 29, 2018

The construction platform is a kind of hanging platform, which is more convenient for application than the ordinary hanging platform. Since such a construction platform is required to be operated by electric power when it is used, it is necessary to pay special attention to the inspection work in this respect. In order to make the construction platform work better, carry out a comprehensive inspection before powering it on.


For example, the power supply of the construction platform should be 380V three-phase five-wire grounding power supply, the power cable connection is reliably fixed; the rope buckle at the wire rope connection is correct, the nut is tightened reliably; the cable connector is correct without looseness, and the safety lock is reliable. Locked. Power is applied only after it has been determined that the inspection is safe.


However, after power-on, it still needs to be inspected. The main work is to start at the beginning of the closed electrical box and the electrical system is energized. Put the beginning of the conversion in the right position, jog the electric box door and operate the rising and falling buttons at the beginning, and the right hoist motor will run at the same time. Before each operation, the construction platform must be moved up and down 3-5 times, each time the height is about 3 meters; finally, the installation of each connection point is checked again.


When the construction platform is applied, it cannot be overloaded for operation and use, and it cannot be used for performance. The relevant operators of the equipment must have the corresponding qualifications and qualifications, and only operate after obtaining the employment certificate. Construction platform should be designated for operation and management, so that they can be managed conveniently and effectively.

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