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Inspection rules for suspension mechanism of the suspended platform accessories
Nov 22, 2018

The suspension mechanism as the accessories of the suspended platform should be positioned correctly, and the building structure should be able to withstand the force applied to the support after the suspension mechanism is loaded; and the beam connection of the suspension mechanism should be reliable, and the structure should have sufficient strength and rigidity; The number of counterweights for the basket accessories should conform to the specifications of the manual, and the stack should be neat and burglarproof.


When inspecting these suspended platform accessories, it is required to ensure that the suspension platform has sufficient strength and rigidity, and there should be no welds, cracks, severe corrosion, screws and rivets should not be loose, the structure should not be damaged, and the length should be in accordance with the instructions.


The safety fence of the suspended platform should be complete and equipped with webs; its height should not be less than 0.8m on one side of the building, the other three sides should not be less than 1.1m, and the guardrail should be able to withstand 1000N. The concentrated load of horizontal movement; Good and anti-slip measures; there should be drainage holes, and should not be blocked; the baffle should be installed with a height of not less than 150mm around the suspension platform, and the clearance between the baffle and the bottom plate should not exceed 5mm;


The wall of the suspended platform shall be provided with a wall wheel, a guide wheel and a buffer device on the side of the building; the longitudinal inclination angle of the hanging platform of the basket accessory shall not be greater than 8° during work. Different models should comply with the specifications of this machine.

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