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Installation method of electric lifting basket for exterior wall construction
Sep 25, 2017

1. Installation of suspension mechanism
1) put the stick into the front and back bracket respectively.
2) adjust the height of the pole according to the construction, and then fix it with bolts.
3) put the front beam into the front bar and then put the beam into the front beam, or after the front and back beams are dressed, the front and rear beams will be inserted into the back post.
4) on the front beam of the steel wire rope entreated hang down two pin card sets respectively installed on the work and safety rope, wire rope on the upper strengthen the steel wire rope, wire rope clip is good, the end of every line again at proper positions of the safety rope installed set blocks.
5) adjust the length of the front beam according to the needs of the application, then put the upper pillar on the front of the telescopic rack and tighten it with bolts.
6) adjust the distance between front and back bracket, then connect the beam with the telescopic frame, beam and beam, and adjust to the three beams on a straight line.
In addition, in the full length of the three beams, the water's water's height should not be greater than 10 meters, and only the front height will be low.
7) to strengthen the steel wire rope through on the pillar and rear bracket on open screw connection is good, with a rope clip wire ends, after rotating open screw tightening strengthen the steel wire rope, in front of the tight beam after eliminate clearance, then 4, 5 clasp, make it have certain pre-tightening force.
8) put the weights on the poles of the two rear brackets and tie them with wire or rope.
9) slowly put the work wire rope and safety wire rope into the suspension platform.
2. Connection between suspension platform and suspension mechanism
1) lift the machine rope
Universal switch handle dial to going to wear the hoist side of the rope, the soil for wire rope through the safety lock rope frame and mounting bracket into rope mouth after such as hoist rope, electric control buttons "up", that can automatically enter the elevator wire rope, if
If you can't get in, you can change the wire rope head into one Angle, press and hold the button, and complete the wire rope.
2) safety lock rope
Hoisting the suspension platform up to the safe locking arm without lifting it can put the safety wire rope in the safety lock.
3) hang a heavy hammer at the right part of the working wire rope and safety wire rope
4) put the safety lock down, and the length is 2 to 3 meters after reaching the ground.
Installation of safety locks and limit switches
Insert the safety lock into the lower bracket of the lifting machine to install the two panels in the mounting bracket, and connect the bolts. The limit switch with the special mounting plate is installed on the safety lock.
Installation of hoist
Lift hoist is placed in the ascent one machine installation and install the below section bearing hole hole and install the frame alignment, inserted into the shaft, the upper screw holes and hoist screw holes on the mounting bracket alignment and wear into the fixed screws, and screw down the mouth in the plug shaft head hole plug again good locking pin, levelled spring ring
Adjustment of motor steering
On 380 v power supply, universal conversion sweat off handle dial to need to adjust the motor side, first press the start button, then press the control button "on", the motor should rotate clockwise, if not, can open the motor terminal box to connect any two of the three power cord in root switch. Switch the universal switch to the other side and adjust the steering of the other motor in the same way.

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