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Installation of electric lifting basket
Sep 25, 2017

A lot of workers are using electric hanging baskets, but do you know how the electric hanging basket is installed?
The installation method of electric lifting basket is as follows:
Check whether the electric lifting basket is flexible and should be brisk when lifting the pulley.
1. Check the lifting machine of electric hoisting basket, push the button, make the lifting machine idle, see whether the operation is normal, no noise and jam phenomenon.
2. The safety rope of the electric hoisting basket is put into the safety lock, and the weighted hammer is hung. Start up the mechanical and electrical machine, put the wire rope into the lifting machine, and the rope head should be automatically out of the line.
3. Electric must read product manuals before hanging basket equipment installation, and training for operators, the operators understand the equipment working principle and the matters needing attention and safety operating rules, without training may not work.
4. Assemble the basket by electric lifting basket. The heavy iron should be enough weight. The torque of the weighted end should be strong and reliable at the three times of the torque of the electric hoist.
5. The distance between lifting rope and safety lock should be adjusted after the electric hoisting basket. By moving the safety lock to tilt hanging basket 6 ° ~ 8 °, safety lock can lock the safety rope.

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