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Introduction and operation principle of hanging mechanism on window cleaning basket
Feb 24, 2018

The suspension on the main window cleaning basket is divided into a cantilever beam type suspension mechanism and parapet clamp type suspension mechanism. The surface of the hanging mechanism on the window cleaning basket is galvanized by hot dip galvanizing. It has long service life, safe and reliable and convenient maintenance. Special design and manufacture can meet our special requirements.

Cantilever type window cleaning gondola suspension: applicable to all the basket and the roof structure, the back pressure of counterweight; design of wire rope hanging, due to the improvement of the cantilever stress condition of steel wire rope retracting is very convenient, but also relatively safe; the mechanism is height adjustable, cantilevered volume is can be adjusted at 700mm ~ 1500mm.

Clamp type parapet window cleaning basket suspension mechanism of suspension mechanism: the structure is simple, do not need to install a counterweight, more convenient transportation, very convenient at the same time, it is to save manual and related installation costs; general is applicable to daughter wall intensity high buildings or housing structure according to user needs, that is; to provide independent safety rope hanging parapet installation.

Because the window cleaning basket is a kind of hovering hovering machine, when we use the basket to do construction work, we must pay attention to strictly abide by the safety rules. At the first point, the operator must be trained, and after the examination is qualified, it can be proved to be effective. The hanging basket must pay attention to the operation of the designated personnel, strictly prohibit the operation of the hanging basket without the trained personnel or without the consent of the competent personnel.

The window cleaning staff must wear safety helmet and safety belt when carrying out their homework. The automatic lock on the safety belt should be fasten on the suspended life rope which is firmly fixed on the building. The double lift window cleaning basket must have two personnel to operate, strictly prohibit the single person to carry out the lifting operation.

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