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Lifting platform needs to follow certain methods and safety rules
Dec 15, 2018

The use of the lifting platform for external wall construction can avoid scaffolding, thereby saving a lot of materials and labor, which greatly reduces the construction cost, and the lifting platform is simple and flexible to operate, convenient to move, safe and reliable. It is not easy to set up the lifting platform. The first is the erection of the picking rod. The picking rod is generally composed of 4 steel pipes, the length is about 6 meters, and the inner diameter is controlled between 50 mm. It is composed of fasteners of various parts, and the fasteners are composed. At the two ends and the central part of the steel pipe, it is best to reach the part of the parapet wall. The wooden wall of the daughter's wall needs to be erected, and the steel pipe can be directly erected to ensure the stability of the electric hanging basket of the external wall construction building.


The method of erecting is generally to use two steel pipes for horizontal erection, and then the bracket and the retrograde cross buckle are fastened to ensure that the height is consistent with the height of the wall, and then the rod is inserted and fastened, and the entire outer wall construction lifting platform is used. The top of the pick rod needs to be laterally fastened, and finally formed into a whole, fixed with a wire rope to ensure its stability, pressed with a sand bag at the bottom of the pick rod, and finally fixed.


When connecting, the heavy pressure part of the lifting platform should pay attention to its stability and safety. It needs to pass the wire rope through the hoist. At the same time, the wire rope at the pick rod needs to be wound a few times for fastening, and a need to install a hoist on the hand hoist Safety equipment, if the direction is correct, the equipment can be used normally, and finally the hand hoist is fixed on the safety rope, and the safety device is connected by the steel wire rope.


The purpose of adjustment during the installation of the lifting platform is mainly the length of the lifting platform and the distance between the platforms. At this time, the lifting platform wire rope needs to be vertical, and the position of the hand hoist needs to be fixed in the middle to ensure lifting. The specific position after the platform is lifted and lowered is not inclined.

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