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What aspects of the suspension platform should be debugged before use?
Dec 17, 2018

It is necessary to carry out the load test for 58 years before the suspension platform is put into use. The specific test method is to place 1100 heavy objects on the platform, shake the basket to the highest point, then shake it to the lowest point, and investigate the hanging basket and wire rope. The change of the hanging hoist and the picking beam is not abnormal.


Shake the suspension platform to mid-air and check it after 24 hours. When it is determined that the planning requirements can be satisfied, it can be put into operation and recorded in the load test. Lift the suspension platform channel three times, each time raise one meter, check whether the special hoist for the basket can work normally and the reliability of the safety lock.


Put the suspension platform safety lock on the proper orientation of the safety rope, pull down the safety lock forcefully, and the suspension platform safety lock should determine that the safety rope does not move. When the safety lock is pushed up by the rope, the safety lock can slide along the rope so that the suspension can be fully proved. The platform is safe and can be put into practical applications.

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