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Load-bearing boom material and connection technique for building basket
Oct 25, 2018

Load-bearing boom material and connection technique for building Platform After careful observation, it is found that the load-bearing boom of the construction Platform adopts a steel chain rod; when the steel chain rod is used, the safety rope and the steel chain rod are first hung on the fixed roof beam, and then the chain is hung on the chain. The upper and lower hoisting of the chain of the steel chain rod stops the moving Platform, and the chain is lifted and lowered.


Since the wire ropes in the construction Platforms are all made of steel wire ropes with a diameter of not less than φ13mm, and usually arranged in the end, the traditional method of connecting the safety ropes to the Platform body is to use the wire rope to pull out the bottom of the Platform and the safety rope to secure each card. One time there is no more than 1m lifting amount, and the manual hanging Platform will fall off from the load-bearing wire rope or the steel chain rod, and the safety rope will play the role of hanging the hanging Platform.


However, this connection method of the construction Platform is rather cumbersome. If the lift is 1m, the safety rope should be stuck once, and if it falls off, there will be a free fall impact of no more than 1m before the safety rope works. Due to the limited stroke of the reverse chain, in the process of lifting, it is necessary to repeatedly reverse the chain, and manually raise and lower the chain, such as lifting and lowering. This type of safety lock is easy to use and reliable.


To this end, a new self-locking device has been developed recently, which only needs to fix the safety lock on the construction Platform body and at the same time on the safety wire rope. When the lifting is normal, the safety lock can be lifted along the safety wire rope with the hanging Platform body. When the Platform is detached, the safety lock can automatically lock the construction Platform body on the safety wire rope.

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