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Low cost of aluminum suspension platform and good workmanship
Nov 29, 2017

The cost of aluminum suspension platform is very low, so the process performance will be better, can remelting and regeneration save resources and energy, in view of this, in terms of the application and development, the aluminum suspension platform can be used for long-lasting. The common is the research and development of cupola or furnace duplex smelting process and equipment. It is widely used in advanced desulfurization of molten iron and its filtration technology.

Furthermore, we need to pay attention that the aluminum suspension platform is used in fact is the thin-walled high-strength cast iron parts manufacturing technology, and then, on its own will be a cast iron composite material manufacturing technology, cast iron parts surface or local hardening technology, isothermal fire Ductile Iron Complete sets of technology. In addition, on the other hand, it is used in the form of metal casting and its metal-coated sand casting and continuous casting and other special processes and equipment.

However, the aluminum suspension platform in the process of casting formation, that is, it will be easier to produce internal porosity, shrinkage or porosity, and so on, in fact, in a large extent, it will contain defects in the castings after machining, the surface of the dense layer of components is removed that will make the internal tissue defects exposed.

In order to solve the problem that the relative high-cost of aluminum suspension platform, some certain treatment measures should be taken into cosideration, at present, the more general technology is to pay attention to the infiltration treatment, which is to plug the leak.

Finally, the aluminum suspension platform in the production of the use of "infiltration", under certain conditions, it will infiltrate the immersion agent into the aluminum suspension platform and its related cast aluminum parts of the micro-pores, after the solidification will be the infiltration of the pores of the filler and casting pore wall into one, blocking the micropore, so that is to make the aluminum suspension platform and its associated castings to meet the pressure, seepage control and its leakage conditions, such as technology.

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