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Maintenance and noise inspection of lifting and lifting basket
May 18, 2018

When it comes to the maintenance of lifting and lifting basket, we should pay attention to its environment. It should not be ignored when working with lifting and lifting basket. Its working environment should be dry, ventilated, quiet and clean. Its working temperature should be between 17 degrees Celsius and 23 degrees Celsius; the relative air is relative to the air. The humidity should be between 40% and 60%RH, and the ambient sound should be within 60 dB.


In the use of the lifting basket maintenance. When using it, first of all, we should pay attention to leveling it and fixing it. After leveling, we can not move the basket in the process of measurement. After that, we should pay attention to clean the items and the basket; pay attention to the rated weight and volume of the basket and so on, and can not be overmeasured; when placing the items on the hanging basket, it must be light and light, not a strong impact, although the strength and stability of the basket are very good, but often suffer. The impact will also be damaged and it will not be measured accurately.


Noise inspection of lifting basket: because the structure of this equipment is very complicated, there may be noise phenomenon in pumping station, cylinder, steel equipment and so on. After noise is produced, we must also pay attention to deciding where the noise is coming from, one by one to find out the cause, and finally to prescribe the right remedy.


After hearing the noise from the lift of the lifting basket, check whether the hydraulic pump station, the motor, the valve and the fixing device are not the problem, whether they shake and produce the noise; then the quality of the hydraulic oil, when the hydraulic oil is replaced, the worse hydraulic oil will also lead to the rise. Lowering the basket noise, and pumping stations into the air, will also produce noise.


The overflow valve of the hydraulic lifting basket can also produce high noise. When the hydraulic oil is mixed with air, the overflow valve is stuck or worn seriously, the spring fatigue deformation of the overflow valve leads to the instability of the overflow valve and the overpressure relief time, it is easy to result in the stability of the performance of the pilot valve of the overflow valve and the noise caused by the air vibration in the pilot valve. The relief valve should be cleaned. Relief valve should be replaced when the relief valve is damaged or worn seriously.

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