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Maintenance of suspension mechanism and wire rope
Oct 26, 2017

"Overview" When it comes to the maintenance of suspension mechanism of hanging basket accessories, before operating, in a very large extent, in fact, it should be more comprehensive to check its weld, to ensure that there is no welding or leakage welding phenomenon, should ensure its complete and reliable for poor connectors and fasteners , And in terms of another aspect, that should be constantly checked, and timely reinforce when it is loose.

On the maintenance of the hanging mechanism, its counterweights should be to pay attention to meeting the requirements of the user manuals, should not be missing, and, in its own words, it should be noted that there are fixed measures to prevent the fall and loss. For its suspension mechanism, the distance between two lifting points should be paid attention to and the suspension platform two lifting point spacing equal, the error also should be noted that tt can not be greater than 5cm.

parapet clamp 10.jpg

Concerning the maintenance of hanging mechanism on the hanging basket fittings, it should be used to clean up the dirt on the surface of the crane in time after its use. For its weld crack or the deformation phenomenon appearing on the component, should pay attention to adopt the reasonable craft to carry on the repair, the paint layer shedding should be seasonable to carry on the paint, avoids its corrosion phenomenon.

When it comes to the maintenance of the steel wire rope on the hanging basket fittings, the use of the basket is strictly prohibited by the use of other wire ropes. For wire rope to wear ropes in terms of the word, in a very large extent, it should be to pay attention to meet the requirements of the specification of the basket, and in the use of its, strictly prohibit the use of connection.

Finally, on the maintenance of wire rope of the hanging basket accessories , in a very large extent, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely removal of work and safety wire rope adhesion mortar or paint and other sundries. The wire rope clamps should be fixed when appearing partly damaged or fatigue damage.

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