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Matching effect of accessories in U shaped hanging basket
Apr 25, 2018

The U shaped basket will have many such or such accessories when it is actually used. This kind of accessories will help the U shaped basket to better play its effect. The safety rope is connected with the U type basket body, because the rope is all installed with the diameter of not less than 13mm steel wire rope.

One way is to use the wire rope to drive the U - shaped hanging basket bottom and the stable rope card (minimum 4 BUCKLES) to keep the 1m lifting amount per card once, and if the U - shaped hanging basket falls from the load-bearing steel rope or the steel wire rod, the safety rope will inevitably play the effect of hanging the hanging basket. This method is very troublesome. Every lift 1m will be stuck to a safe rope once, but if it falls, the safety rope will not be more than 1m before hitting the impact.

For this reason, a new kind of safety self locking equipment has been developed recently. It only needs to lock the safety lock on the U - shaped hanging basket frame, and set it on the safety wire rope together. When it is normal, the safety lock can be directly accompanied by the lifting of the hanging basket. If the basket falls down, the safety lock can be locked in the safety of the hanging basket. On the wire rope.

The safety lock on the U - shaped hanging basket is convenient, safe and reliable, and then the steel rope and the safety rope will be hung on the roof beam. The operation order and the hanging basket are assembled on the ground and assembled into a basket frame on the ground. After this, the wire rope will be passed through the wire hole of the hand squash to the hook direction, pressing and pulling the moving handle back and forth, so that the basket can be promoted and the handle can be dropped back and forth, but the handle can not be pulled together.

Assuming that the steel bar is used as a load-bearing hanger, it is also necessary to pay attention to hanging the safety rope and the steel bar on the fixed roof beam. Then, the inverted chain hangs on the chain rod of the bar and hangs the U - shaped hanging basket and uses the inverted chain lifting. Because the chain stroke is limited, it is precisely because of this that during the lifting process, the inverted chain should be replaced many times, and the inverted chain will be lifted and lowered manually.

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