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Material and processing quality requirements of the aluminum suspended platform
Dec 06, 2018

Although the material used for the aluminum suspended platform is aluminum, it should also comply with the drawings and regulations, and should have the certificate of the supplier. The materials used for the key parts should be inspected. The surface of the aluminum suspended platform accessories should be smooth and flat, and no blisters, pores, and risers should be allowed. The flash and burrs should be removed.


For casting defects on the working surface of hydraulic and pneumatic components in aluminum hanging baskets, welding repair is not allowed; forgings shall not have defects such as cracks, interlayers, folding, forging, crusting, slag inclusion; welds shall be full There shall be no defects such as leakage welding, cracks, slag inclusion, burn through, biting meat, etc. The same weld shall be uniform and the fly slag and welding slag shall be cleaned.


The aluminum suspended platform parts after machining shall conform to the product drawings and relevant technical documents. There should be no defects such as rust, bumps and scratches on the machined surface of the parts. All parts and components to be installed manufactured by the manufacturer must have the qualified mark of the quality inspection department; the purchased parts and the cooperative parts must have the documents to prove their qualification before

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