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Mechanism components in wire rope suspension platforms
May 12, 2018

The mechanism assembly of the wire rope suspension platform includes a spring. This component is the device that is used to buffer the vibration from wire rope suspension platform equipment , and then uses the deformation of the spring to absorb the energy. The common type of spring is "ring spring". Other springs used include "leaf spring" and "torque spring".


Wire rope suspension platforms are generally used in high-altitude operations. Because this role is relatively dangerous, safety work should not be neglected when using suspension platforms. Resolute efforts must be made to ensure that safety inspection work can not be relaxed. After the installation of the wire rope suspension platform, the manufacturer, on-site technical personnel, production personnel and on-machine operators shall be promptly organized for joint acceptance.


Focus on controlling the installation position of the wire rope suspension platform, the assembly of the structure, the balance of weights, safety ropes, safety locks, and electrical devices. There should be no obstructions in the upper and lower operations of the aerial work platform. Acceptance must be 100%. It is forbidden to use the wire rope suspension platform that has not been accepted. For the problems in the acceptance, it is necessary to pay attention to the rectification within a time limit. Operators of high-altitude operations should be carefully put into use after confirming that there are no problems.


There are also shock absorbers in the wire rope suspension platform mechanism assembly, which are used in the platform mechanism to buffer vibration and absorb energy. In this case, the interior of the valve body is pressurized by liquid or gas to absorb the vibration energy and to reduce the effect of vibration.


Wire rope suspension platform equipment will also use pneumatic shock absorbers, and its price will generally be higher than the use of hydraulic pressure. A small number of high-priced shock absorbers will adopt liquid and air pressure sharing designs. The anti-roll bar in the wire rope suspension platform means that the two ends of the “ㄇ”-shaped rod are respectively connected to the left and right suspension devices to ensure the balance of the platform, and at the same time, it is also able to ensure the  security of people who work on the wire rope suspension platform.

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