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More safer to use special steel wire rope in hot dip galvanized cleaning suspended platform
Feb 04, 2018

In order to protect the performance of the cleaning suspended platform , but also to be safe and stable while workers operate the cleaning suspended platform in the high-altitude, when we use the cleaning suspended platform , we will use a proprietary rope products. Because of the varied types of hot-dip galvanized cleaning suspended platform, it is commonly used in many building construction engineering.


As we all know, Many people should know that the cleaning suspended platform is the most efficient equipment for construction workers to carry out cleaning work at high altitude. In the mid-term of construction, because more elevator equipment is not built, more articles need to be lifted up under its assist. In order to occasionally have a good loading capacity must pay attention to ensure the use of special metal frame for welding.


The metal parts used in the platform and suspension mechanism will be coated with hot dip galvanized, In the course of the lift in order to keep cleaning suspended platform  up and down under balance and stable,  we will choose to use the special steel wire rope. Such steel wire rope is made by a combination of multiple wires, it will be applied after repeated testing.   


The steel wire rope will not be sudden breaking during the lifting up and down process while it is applied in the professional cleaning suspended platform, that is the reason of  we use special steel wire rope.And there is no impurities and defects on the surface of the special steel wire rope, in the process of climbing there will not be any pause or shaking which will inevitably affect the mood of workers, but also must be some security risks.


During the application of hot-dip galvanized cleaning suspended platform, The climbing speed can be arbitrarily adjusted with special steel wire rope,it is quite necessary to do commissioning to escape danger of homework in high altitude. In order to protect workers body safety,we hope to use our products with caution. At the same time, we should strictly follow our operation instructions to ensure safety.

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