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Operation instructions for zlp series temporarily installed suspended platforms
May 21, 2018

Part One: Attention

1.The suspended platform operator must equipped with safety wire rope and safety belts of suspension mechanism independently.

2.Person who suffering from alcohol; acrophobia or psychological illness is forbidden !

3.During the assembly of suspended platform, operator must strictly follow instruction guidelines ! 300% banning on private omission,replacement or alteration of any standard parts or components.

4.Heavy shock load and overload use of suspended platform is prohibiting !

5.Suspension mechanism only workable on horizontal surface, adjust the platform level until its climbing and descending horizontally.

6.Avoid running suspended platform in strong air flow weather ! Usage of corrosive substance and electric welding working on the platform is however forbidden.

7.No access of ladders or heighten devices application on the suspended platform !

8.Stop using the suspended platform when its partial broke !

Part Two: Installation Attention

1.Stably fix the counter weight on suspension mechanism, do not reduce its amount casually.

2.Front beam support must vertically stable, strengthen both front beams with steel pipe will be safer.

3.Ensure all the screw nuts and split pins tight and complete enough.

4.The bearing capacity of building structure must meet the whole  platform’s pressure testing data level.

5.Inspect each fasten joint, axle pin and steel wire rope regularly is necessary.

6.Implement of altering any part of suspended platform must asking supplier’s approval firstly.

Part Three: Operation Guidelines

1.First, open and close the safety lock, checking its flexibility; then check ropes’ reliability.

2.Second, check if pressing limit switch workable and if iron limited block level correct ?

3.During rope inlet, please tightly pull the rope which ensure its high tension, and also do it when rope outlet under platform grounding.

4.If safety lock broke, do not dis-assembly them until supplier’s maintenance. The suspended platform supplier will free from accountability in case of accident caused by ignoring above rules.

5.Examine the steel wire rope regularly ! Once the steel wire rope come into oil erosion,frozen, frosting, full of dirt,break,heavily damaged, rusting, twisted, knot, loose or deformation, please do not running the suspended platform !

6.Do not operate suspended platform in the days of thunder, rainy and windy( wind power > 5 grades).

7.Under spray coating work, please cover the hoist, safety lock and steel wire rope well.

8.When operate the suspended platform, ensure the side cover of electric control box being open, so workers can rapidly shut the terminal switch in emergency!

9.Upper side of the steel wire rope must reliable, bottom part iron must hanging over the ground.

10.Operator must wear safety belt and safety rope which dependently connected to the suspension mechanism at any time !

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