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Parapet clamp relevant norms
Nov 18, 2017

Accurately speaking, Parapet clamp is an important part in the use of ocnstruction, for its special design, special usage. its materials is mainly made of steel, the surface treatment can be color painting or hot dip galvanized. Its practical application should follow the strict safety regulation.

In the installation of parapet clamp, first of all, when the workers begin to operate, it is necessary for them to put on safety hat, belt,and for the workers taking charge of welding, Insulating gloves and shoes is necessary.

Parapet clamp construction personnel must pay attention to strict implementation of the site safety regulations. Before the construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety operation, then, that is, should be subject to security personnel command. Care for all safety facilities and equipment. Then pay attention to wearing personal protective supplies and correct use, strict compliance with all the rules and regulations.

However, here we are actually to remind you that although the installation is very important, but its maintenance is also more important. In view of this, after the installation, you can use the appropriate way to interpret the arc level above the process perfect.

Finally, in terms of its own grid structure, that is, it will reflect the design of more than the artistic embodiment, in the face of sufficient geographical environment,adapting to strong related parapet clamp is very important. Better embodies the project or life above will have more security and convenience.

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