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Precautions for the use of power distribution boxes for electric hanging basket accessories
Nov 17, 2017

Electric hanging basket is a common equipment in high-altitude working, in view of this, we need to pay attention to its composition of the electric hanging basket accessories. But the distribution box is a relatively real electrical appliances, in the normal use of the time is sure to pay attention to some of the issues, specific, let us take a look.

In the use of electric box on the electric Hanging basket Accessories, first of all, about its  the , it should be to paid attentionthat the wiring outside need to be protected in an appropriate way, the common is the hose, steel pipe, etc., and for its wiring , It is necessary to pay attention to the need to take the machine tool is not prone to damage where you can.

In addition, when using the electric control box , about the connection between the external machine and the power line, it is necessary to pay attention to the bridge, the bridge with the base to carry out support, do not touch the ground, and then, in terms of its outer piping, We should also be able to achieve unification.

Electric Hanging basket Accessories Distribution box in the use of its packaging machine, such as the connection of heating equipment, wiring must not be located near the heating part of the place. And for its wiring, we are supposed to pay attention should be in the connection box with terminal, about its heater connection, should be to use glass, vitrified wire, must not use flammable wire.

Finally, for its outside of all the wire connection, it is also needed to note that it must be working in the connection box, furthermore, the middle of the line can not have connectors. the more important point is to ensure that its use of the security performance.

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