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Proper storage and removal of the hanging basket accessories prevent corrosion
May 09, 2018

When the hanging basket accessories are being produced, they should be waterproofed, moisture-proofed, solution components are put together and connectors are centralized, and they must be properly stored so as to prevent mildew and corrosion of the hanging basket accessories and to prevent electrical short-circuit caused by moisture and water. For the extra basket accessories on the ground, it means that the wkire rope should be placed.


In addition, after the dismantling of the hanging basket, all kinds of hanging basket accessories, including ropesand cable trays should be wound properly, and decomposing components should be put together, and the connecting pieces should be centralized . They should be properly stored to prevent mildew, corrosion, deformation and lose. For each use of the self-locking hook of this safety rope, care must be taken to add anti-rust at the spring to maintain its flexibility of movement. After three months of its first use, it is necessary to change the lubricating oil. After that, add lubricating oil once a month and change the lubricating oil every six months.


According to the above explanations for storage, it will be able to do a good job of preventing corrosion.


Next, when we actually use the hanging basket, we find that more consumers would not dismantle the baskets. If they are disassembled optionally, it will also lead to corrosion of the hanging basket accessories, and many consumers will be very worried. Today, we'll come to a simple conclusion about how to remove the basket:


Before the dismantling of the basket, the basket must be subjected to a full-scale inspection. After that, it is necessary to take care to record the damage. When dismantling, the platform of the basket should be parked on a flat surface; before dismantling, you should pay attention to cut off the power of the basket.


Immediately afterwards, with regard to the output of the hanging basket accessories, attention should be paid to removing the cables of the hanging basket from the temporary distribution box and the basket. After that,you need pay attention to rolling it into a disk shape; then, it is necessary to pay attention to removing the hanging basket accessories wire rope and pull it up and wrap it into a disc for fastening. When placing it, you should attach importance to the environmental conditions.

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