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Protective measures taken by the suspended platform during use
Dec 11, 2018

Both the suspended platform manufacturer and the leasing company need to provide customers with close attention and related protective measures; users should take timely and effective protective measures to ensure the safety of the floating platform construction personnel, and carefully carry out relevant safety management work, so that the staff can relevant requirements are to wear appropriate protective equipment such as seat belts and helmets.


For the suspended platform provided, careful testing, maintenance and repair work shall be carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of the suspension platform; and for the material hoist and related equipment, strict inspection shall be carried out in infrastructure construction, disassembly, lease and use.


The suspension section of the suspended platform is the load-bearing part of the entire basket, consisting of a back bracket, three sections of detachable beams and weight. During work, the working wire rope and the safety wire rope are hung on the front end of the beam, and the working platform of the sling is moved up and down to move up and down on the wire rope.


The support portion of the front bracket of the suspended platform is supported by two M14 bolts. If the two M14 bolts of the front and front brackets can be uniformly stressed, the entire power chain of the electric basket has no problem. However, due to the high machining accuracy, the actual force of the bolts at these two positions is only the load of the M14

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