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Quality evaluation criteria for suspension platform purchase
Jan 07, 2019

The suspension platform is mostly used for decoration projects, especially for the requirements of building energy conservation, and it is more widely used in the construction site after the exterior wall is used as insulation material. Buyers actually have several simple and identifiable key points when selecting a floating platform.


The material of the components of the suspension platform is relatively important, but it is difficult for people to distinguish the materials. However, some simple materials of the hoist can be easily distinguished by weight comparison. For example, the die-casting box is made up of three parts: the box body, the box cover and the end cover. Part of the composition, we will be a heavy box, the general weight is more than 7.5kg. For example, the turbine has many materials, but it is better to use a single copper material with a weight of 0.95kg or more.


When inspecting the manufacturer or purchasing, it should be noted that there are many types of wire ropes, the price difference is large, and the quality difference is greater. The quality of the cable determines the failure rate of the basket during future use. Heavy duty rubber sheathed cables that meet national standards must be used. The general 2.5 square national standard line weighs 32kg, and the 1.5 square national standard line weighs 24kg. Talking about the length, the basic configuration of all manufacturers is 100 meters.


In addition, it is better than the electrical appliance brand. The more high-quality suspension platform, the more concentrated the electrical appliance brand is selected. Generally, only one or two well-known brand electrical components will appear in one electrical box. It is difficult to say more about the

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