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Regular inspection of electric suspended scaffolding
Dec 12, 2018

The electric basket must be inspected daily by the operator before the start of the daily work, and then recorded, effectively evaluating and handling the state of the basket equipment.

Regular inspection of electric suspended scaffolding

1. After the electric basket has been working for a certain period of time, it should be checked regularly and recorded.

2. After two months of work, perform a comprehensive inspection according to the safety inspection requirements, and check the friction of the electromagnetic brake friction plate and the damage of the cable.

3. The safety lock must be tested and calibrated every six months. If the user does not have the conditions, it should be sent to the manufacturer for testing and calibration.

4. After each use of the safety lock, anti-rust oil should be added to keep the movement flexible.

5. The hoist drive must be replaced after three months of use, and the lubricant should be added once a month, and the lubricant should be changed every six months.

6. The safety lock is added to the active part once a month.

7. The electrical circuit, electrical components and wiring contacts must be kept dry and clean, and there must be no oil

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