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Resistance and maintenance of window cleaning scaffold
Jan 12, 2018

Window cleaning scaffolds have a strong ability to resist, a new type of connection is adopted, new type of nut guaranteed when the steel pipe is in deformable condition, the window cleaning scaffold fittings can always be fixed, the possibility of slipping of steel tubes has been eliminated.


Window cleaning scaffolds have a strong resistance to deformation. Comparison with ordinary steel sheet metal stamped scaffolding, as a result of different manufacturing processes, it breaks the limitation of the traditional stamping process for the thickness of the material and the thickness can reach 5 centimeters. In terms of this point, it is a complete guarantee that there will be no deformation in the use process in a large extent, it is also to ensure the safety and reuse of the product itself.


At the time of use window cleaning scaffolds, we should be careful to check the operation and lubrication of the machine. And then, we also should pay attention to checking the wear of the wire rope and sensitive and reliable conditions on each safety device. When the window cleaning scaffold was found to be a problem, it should be solved in time.


Maintenance of window cleaning scaffold is the need to check and supervise at the time of construction. Firstly, the scaffolding will not be dismantled in a short time in the long term work construction. In view of this, if it's in a storm in the weather or in the rainy season, we should check whether the ground water is affected by the stability of the scaffolding, and make sure whether water or rust occurs in the steel tube.


Maintenance of window cleaning scaffold is to be careful to check the screws on each part of the scaffolding on the window, or not, to see if the board is stable before commencement is started, or before the start of the second day. At last, should check whether the window cleaning scaffold and the wall are fixed in good condition and guarantee the fastening of the opening.

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