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Safety problems in use of electric hanging baskets
Sep 25, 2017

As the title indicates, this article is a safety issue for the use of electric hoisting baskets specially for the users of the electric hoisting basket. I hope I can help you to use electric sling in the future.
1. The operator must be in good health and pass the professional training examination, and can operate independently after obtaining the operation certificate issued by the relevant department. Students must operate under the guidance of the master.
2. After installation, the following inspection tests shall be carried out to ensure normal operation before delivery.
Check the installation of roof structures, and should be in good condition and reliable. Both cantilever length and connection mode are correct.
The wire rope has no knot, squeeze, loose; Wear, broken wire not exceed, suspension, rope winding and suspension are correct.
The safety protection device of falling and outer rotating mechanism is fully reliable.
The motor is the same as ring, overheat, start normal, brake reliable.
The hoisting basket should be tested for the static overload test of 125% and the dynamic overload test of Ii0 %, which requires the lifting and lifting normal, and the limit device is sensitive and reliable.
Iii. The following inspection shall be conducted before the operation:
The roof mechanism, suspension weight and wire rope meet the requirements.
The power supply voltage shall be normal and grounding (zero) shall be well protected.
The mechanical equipment is normal, the safety protection device is complete and reliable.
There is no clutter in the basket, it is strictly prohibited to overload.
4. After start-up, carry out the lifting and lifting basket operation test, confirm normal, before operation.
During the operation, when abnormal operation is found, stop immediately and take protective measures. Do not continue to use without professional inspection and repair.
6. When using the hanging basket for electric welding operation, it is necessary to fully protect the hanging basket and wire rope, and not use it as the wiring circuit.
After the operation, the hanging basket should be cleaned, suspended from the ground 3m, cut off the power and removed the ladder.

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