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Safety Regulations of Suspended Platform
May 29, 2018

The suspended powered platform is made equipment for overhead operation, so the safety regulations should be strictly abide by in operation.


Ø Environment

1. The loading intensity of the building roof which supports the suspension mechanism should be at least 1500kg/㎡, the safety factor of the embedded parts on the roof should be at least 3 if they support the suspension mechanism.

2. A 380V three-phrase and five -wire grounding power should be supplied.

3. Don’t use the equipment within 10M limit from high voltage lines.

4. Don’t use the equipment in thunderstorm, heavy frog, heavy snow or strong wind(wind speed ≧10.8M/S, which equivalent to strong breeze).

5. If there is road of passage in the operation site, set up warning line, safe way, or obvious caution notice and equip with safety supervisor under the equipment.

6. Clear all projections and obstructions, set up obvious caution notices at the settled projections and corners within the overhead operation area, don’t open windows outward in operation.

7. Enough lighting should be provided in the job site(intensity of illumination >150LX) and signal lamps should be set up in all operation area when working at night.

8. Take moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion measures on the operators, safety device, jack box, suspension ropes and safety ropes when working in rain, snow or corrosive environment.

Ø Operators

1. Only the people who has valid certificate training and examination could be appointed to operate the equipment. Those who are not licensed or approved are prohibited from operation.

2. Wear safety helmets and safety belts when working with the automatic lock of the safety belt buckled on the suspended lifeline which is fixed on the top of the building tightly.

3. Don’t work after drinking, when tired or in abnormal mood.

4. Operators working in the platform should not be less than two at the same time.

5. Don’t wear hard soled shoes, plastic soled shoes, slippers or other slippery shoes when working. Don’t use climbing facilities such as ladder, stool, shelf in the platform or other suspension facilities outside the platform when working.

6. Step into the platform when in ground instead of climbing in and out the platform through windows when in the air. Don’t slink from one suspended platform into another when in the air.

Ø Usage

1. Safety examination should be made by the professionals before operation for those suspended powered platforms which are newly installed or heavily repaired or left unused for over one year or suspended unused for over two months.

2. Minimum distance of two contiguous equipment should be 0.5M.

3. Make daily examination and unmanned operation to make sure the equipment in good order before using it every day. And make daily maintenance after using it.

4. Load in the platform should be even and not exceed the rated load. Applied load should not exceed 80% of the rated load when in normal operation. Don’t use it fully loaded chronically or continually as a crane.

5. Wire rope should be kept vertical with no fleck, knob, mortar or impurity in ascent or descent moving. Don’t apply the brake with safety lock or perform construction in ascent or descent moving.

6. Suspended platform should be placed on the ground and fixed reliably when it ends task or stays over.

7. Don’t use the suspended powered platform or wire rope as electric welding striking or connection circuit. Don’t place explosives such as oxygen or acetylene cylinder in the platform when performing gas welding.

8. Make regular examination and maintenance on the suspended powered platform in use according to relevant requirements.

9. Cut off the power at examination or replacement. Maintenance should be performed on the ground by professionals. When it is necessary to make overhaul inspection on the air, reliable safety measures should be taken before operation.

10. Stop using immediately and have it repaired or have its damaged elements replaced by professionals once the suspended platform is found broken, deformed, worn, corroded, damaged or abnormal in examinations and operation.

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