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Safety rules for the use of bridge suspended platform
Dec 26, 2018

When we use the bridge suspended platform for construction work, we must strictly abide by the safety rules. Because the basket is working in the air, safety is a problem that cannot be ignored. The operator of the bridge suspended platform must be trained and qualified to obtain a valid certificate before it can be put into operation. The suspended platform must be designated for personnel operation. It is strictly forbidden to operate the basket without the trainer or without the consent of the supervisor.


The operator wears a helmet and seat belt while working, and the automatic lock on the seat belt should be fastened to the hanging life rope that is firmly fixed on the bridge. The two-machine lifting bridge suspended platform must have two personnel to operate the operation, and it is strictly forbidden to lift the single person.


Workers are not allowed to wear hard-soled shoes, plastic-soled shoes, slippers or other slippery shoes. It is strictly forbidden to use climbing tools such as ladders, rafts and shelves in the suspension platform and additional spreaders outside the suspension platform. The operator must enter and exit the bridge suspended platform on the ground, and must not climb the window into and out of the basket in the air. It is strictly forbidden to climb from a suspension platform to another suspension platform in the suspended state.

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