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Setting of the door of the Platform accessory and its overload test
Oct 24, 2018

The construction Platform includes two parallel construction Platform Platform frames, and the construction Platform door is provided at both ends of the frame as the Platform accessories. The bottom of the frame of the construction Platform is provided with a bottom surface for walking, and the bottom surface is fixedly connected. The bottom plate is composed of a gap between the bottom plates of the unit, and the gaps are average in size, and the size of the gap is 1 to 3 cm, which can ensure that sufficient airflow flows through the gap when the wind is large, and the shaking of the building Platform is minimized.


After the empty and static load test acceptance of the gondola is passed, the Platform accessory overload test of this step is required. . At the same time of loading, the integrity of the Platform accessories should be checked, and the operation changes. If there are unsafe conditions, the test should be stopped, the cause should be found, and the test should be carried out in time to carry out the test or the safety evaluation of the building construction Platform.


The overload test of the Platform accessories is very important in the process of testing the qualification of the electric building Platform. When the building Platform is overload tested, the overload capacity is 1.1 times or 1.25 times the original design load value, which is about 700kg or 788kg. The loading should be graded and loaded with a step difference of 10% until 100% of the overload load. The overload test, also known as the overload test, is still carried out using static loads.

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