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Steel pipe supporting structure and installation in window cleaning scaffold
Jul 30, 2018

The steel pipe supporting structure in the window cleaning scaffold is actually a triangular truss composed of ordinary steel pipe of foot hand.The lower end of the inclined strut is supported on the lower side beam or other reliable support.When the inclined strut of this part is long, it can also adopt double pole or set connection point in the middle.


When applying the steel pipe supporting structure of the window cleaning scaffolding,beacause the node connection steel pipe supporting structure is given priority to with fastener, and fasteners will tighten friction to transfer load, the steel support structure bearing capacity is small. After design calculation ,we can know that the supporting structure generally also can build four to eight steps scaffolding accessories.When carrying it out at the top,we generally will have to for a period of two to four layer segment erection. Of course,the effect is better.


The steel pipe supporting structure in the window cleaning scaffold will also belong to the high-altitude operation. Before the construction, attention must be paid to the study of the relations between various rods. In this respect, the order of the erection and removal can be clearly defined, so as to avoid the unreasonable transmission force of rods and the potential safety hazards.


When installing the window cleaning scaffold, attention should be paid to the continuous setting of the horizontal frame in its setting layer.As for the assembly of the upper and lower trusses of the door frame, it is necessary to pay attention to setting the connecting rod and locking arm. The connecting rod diameter should be less than 1-2mm of the inner diameter of the vertical rod.The working surface of the scaffold should also be continuously covered with the latched footplate supporting the door frame. After that, the back plate should be fastened to prevent the foot pallet from falling off and loosening.


In the end, it is not to say that erection on the window clean scaffold is no alternative. During the erection,we need pay attention to the application according to the time of the environment, and its actual use for installation. At that time, window cleaning scaffolding installation is in guarantee under the premise of safety, which meets the needs of the present environment.

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