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Stress point and strength problem of suspended platform
Dec 05, 2018

The use environment of the suspended platform is generally a certain height in the midair. The suspended platform itself plus the staff and construction materials have a certain weight, so the load-bearing capacity of the suspended platform is an aspect that we must consider when using the equipment. Of course, the suspended platform has some fixed points of force that make us to pay attention to.


The hanging part of the suspended platform is the load-bearing department of the whole basket. The working wire rope and the safety wire rope are hung on the front end of the beam, and the working platform of the suspended platform moves up and down along the wire rope through the promotion machine. The sum of the weight of the suspended platform and the hoist, together with the total weight of the workers and materials, is placed on the two 16mm diameter pins. There is no problem with the weight of the two 16 mm diameter pin-bearing work platforms.


The φ8.3 wire rope, which relies on the lifting and lowering of the hoisting machine, is fixed on the pin of the diameter φ18 mm in front of the front cross member of the hanging mechanism. This 18 mm diameter pin is placed above the load-bearing chain on this load-bearing chain. The front beam of the building basket is located on the front bracket of the hanging mechanism, and the connection between the saddle and the front beam of the front bracket is two M14 bolts, and the support of the front bracket lifting department is still supported by two M14

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